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Book Launch Team


Thank you for being a part of my book launch team! As we launch the book - The Project Leader - achieving early sales volume and many honest reviews will help the book gain visibility in Amazon's marketplace so the book can have the most impact.

Launch Date: Wed. July 6, 2022

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Instructions for July 6th

To make this as simple as possible for you, please find the following instructions and resources. You may do any or all of the following, based on your comfort level. Contact me if any questions at: 612-223-2814 or

1. Download a free copy of the eBook here

  • eBook Free Promotion runs from July 6th-10th only. 

  • If you prefer paperback, you may purchase for $17.99

  • Please purchase on Wed, July 6th to maximize impact. Purchases on other days this week also help. 

  • eBook downloads can be read from your Kindle or Amazon's free Kindle Cloud Reader (mobile app best view/experience).

2. As soon as you can, please leave an honest review at same link above where you purchased the book. 

  • To assist you in leaving an early review, you may click on the button below to download a PDF Summary of the book. 

  • The book provides access to free resources: You can view those by signing up here:

  • Leave a review on July 6th if able, or at your soonest convenience.

3. Share with your professional network on social media by:

  • Forward my LinkedIn promotion (will be sent on July 6th). 

  • I'll notify you if other promos created on other platforms. 

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